$CNC Tokenomics

CNC Supply

  • vlCVX holders: 10%

  • Community raise: 30%

  • Liquidity providers: 44%

    • 25% for stakers of Conic Omnipool LP tokens

    • 19% for rebalance incentives

  • Treasury: 6% (5% vesting linearly over one year + 1% vested at launch was used to seed the Curve CNC/ETH pool)

  • AMM Stakers: 10% (Distributed to stakers of the Curve factory pool CNC/ETH LP token)

Unclaimed CNC allocated to the vlCVX holders was claimed back to the Treasury after the claim period expired after 6 months.

Earning CNC

Staking Omnipool LP tokens (25%)

Conic liquidity providers can stake their Omnipool LP tokens to receive CNC (in addition to CRV and CVX). All extra rewards that are earned by a Curve pool (e.g. FXS, SPELL) are compounded in CNC

The yearly CNC emissions to Omnipool LP token stakers is shown below and decreases by 60% each year. The emissions start when Omnipools launch.

Rebalancing Curve pools (19%)

To incentivize regular deposits and withdrawals, CNC emissions are given out to users who deposit into Omnipools while the pools are imbalanced and the rebalancing period is active. The CNC received will be based on the amount deposited, and will also increase over time while a pool is imbalanced, and will stop when the pool is "balanced" again (within a deviation threshold). The amount of CNC emitted increases with time when the rebalancing period is active.

For users looking to setup a bot to rebalance Omnipools please read about the rebalance function.

AMM Stakers (10%)

An amount of CNC rewards are distributed to LPs of the CNC/ETH Curve factory pool. Holders of the CNC/ETH Curve LP token can stake the LP token on Curve to receive CRV or on Convex to receive CRV and CVX, in addition to CNC.

Following a DAO vote, it was decided that 45% of the CNC rewards should be emitted as extra rewards via the CNC/ETH Curve gauge to LPs. 55% of the rewards get distributed via Votium to vlCVX holders to incentivize a higher amount of CRV rewards for the CNC/ETH Curve pool.

The inflation rate for these CNC rewards decreases by 60% every April. The inflation for AMM staking rewards originally started on April 6th, 2022.

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