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Do Omnipools have fees?

No fees are enabled by default and can only be activated via a DAO vote.
Omnipools contain the logic to charge a platform fee on the total amount of CRV and CVX earned by the Curve pools it uses. All extra rewards obtained from Curve pools (e.g. SPELL) will be sold for CNC. Fees are not charged on extra rewards or any CNC earnings.
The same percentage fee is charged on all taxable rewards.

Can fees vary between Omnipools?

Yes. Every Omnipool has a unique reward handler, which contains the logic for enabling and adjusting the fee that should be charged.

Can one Omnipool charge different fees across its Curve pools?

No. The same percentage fee of an Omnipool is applied to the CRV and CVX earned by all the underlying Curve pools.

Who can receive the fees?

This must be enabled via a DAO vote.
Platform fees charged on CRV and CVX can be distributed to vlCNC holders.