Understanding Conic

An overview of Conic Finance

What is Conic?

Conic is a protocol on Ethereum that introduces "Omnipools", which are liquidity pools where users can deposit a single asset. Each Omnipool allocates liquidity to a set of whitelisted Curve pools. The distribution between the Curve pools is determined by liquidity allocation weights which represent the share of an Omnipool's total liquidity that should be supplied to each Curve pool. Liquidity providers (LPs) of an Omnipool can gain exposure to multiple Curve pools via a single Omnipool LP token.

The native token of Conic, CNC, is emitted to LPs that stake their Omnipool LP tokens and to LPs that deposit liquidity during a rebalance period.

Every two weeks, a liquidity allocation vote (LAV) takes place. In this vote, vlCNC holders can vote on updates to the liquidity allocation weight of all Curve pools used by an Omnipool. Once the Curve pool liquidity allocation weights are updated after a LAV, a rebalance period starts and additional CNC is emitted to depositors. These deposits automatically rebalance the Curve pools in line with the target weights.

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