$CNC Basics

Why does CNC exist?

Ultimately, CNC allows users to shift liquidity of an asset across multiple Curve pools. This is achieved by Conic DAO liquidity allocation votes (LAVs), which update the liquidity allocation weights of each Curve pool that is used by Conic Omnipools. In order to be eligible to participate in LAVs, a holder must first lock CNC for vlCNC.

How to get CNC?

  • Liquidity providers can receive CNC by staking their Conic Omnipool LP tokens

  • CNC is emitted to depositers during rebalance periods to incentivize rebalancing of Omnipools

  • CNC may be purchased on AMMs (e.g. the Curve CNC/ETH pool)

What is the maximum CNC supply?

10,000,000 CNC

What is the utility of CNC?

Please refer to the below:

pageLocking $CNC

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