Conic Finance
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Locking $CNC

CNC can be locked for a period of four to eight months in exchange for vote-locked CNC (vlCNC). The longer people lock their CNC, the higher their vlCNC balance will be.

Why lock CNC?

  • vlCNC holders can take part in a biweekly liquidity vote (i.e. every two weeks), whereby the weights that determine how much liquidity of an asset a particular Curve pool receives are updated for each Omnipool.
  • vlCNC holders can vote on whitelisting and blacklisting Curve pools that can be used to receive liquidity in an Omnipool.
  • vlCNC holders vote on which assets get added to the platform.
  • vlCNC holders can propose protocol changes by submitting CIPs
  • If decided by vlCNC holders, platform fees could potentially be introduced. These fees would collect a percent of CRV and CVX emissions from Omnipools (not CNC emissions).

What are boosts?

When CNC gets locked, a series of boosts may get applied to the locked CNC amount to increase the received vlCNC balance. For a detailed overview of how the boosts work, please refer to the boosts section and the whitepaper.